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Following Ariadne

The Golden Globe race will start in June 2018 from Falmouth.

The rules are trying to re-create the conditions when Robin Knox Johnston complete the course 50 years earlier. There will be no GPS; only SSB comms, and few instruments. The boats have to be less than 36ft, with a long keel with a rudder attached to the back of the keel - i.e. traditional boats.

Trackers, radar enhancers, and EPIRBS will be screened from the skipper.

The gallery above was taken when Susie first sailed Ariadne at Marchwood YC.

Susie has a very good blog that can be seen by clicking here

The plan is to complete an Atlantic triangle in 2017, returning to Falmouth where the boat will be prepared for the race with the help of Rustler Yachts.

Go for it Susie!

Normally, you sell a boat and move on.

But when the buyer, Susie Goodall,  has entered the boat in the Golden Globe, single handed, non-stop Round-the-World race, you have to follow what happens.

And when Susie, the new owner, is the only lady in the race, and the youngest competitor, then it has to be exciting!