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The Teal Directory

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Technical History


Underlying all these issues, there is  the basic boat.

The Specification tab, on the right leads to these essentials, and shows where key issues have been addressed.

Upgrades, Updates

Inevitably, on a 12 year old boat there are issues, fortunately, not too many.

The electronics had been reviewed and updated in 2012, but there remained a few issues.

We were surprised that AIS had not been added in that review, and we took advantage of a Boat Show offer to add this in 2015.

We also added a rear view camera to compensate for the poor rear vision from the lower helm position.


Inevitably, there are still a few things we would like to see on board

Big issues

The previous owners had kept Teal in a marina, plugged into shore power. That was not our way of sailing.

We like to spend days away in anchorages like Newtown and Keyhaven.

We keep our boat on a swinging mooring at Marchwood. It is easier to pick uo a mooring short handed rather than backing into a marina berth. BUT you need a tender to get ashore.

Our solution was to install a 4kw Fischer Panda generator (the space for which had been designed into the boat), and to add snap davits so we could go on using the 8ft Walker Bay dinghy that we already owned.

The boat we bought

In 2015, Teal was 12 years old with less than 300 hours (approx) on the engines - 25 hours per year!

The boat was beautifully maintained, but we had to be concerned about the low level of use.

But we had a special problem. Dairne had had a stroke, and was not very mobile.

We had to devise ways of getting on board easily, and coping with the rather high steps from the deck into the cabin, and from the saloon, into the galley (forward) and the owners cabin (aft).

See the ‘mobility access’ tab on the menu to the right